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Indoor Garden Kit: We Recommend 6 of the Best

Indoor Garden Kit

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Whether you live in an apartment or in a home with no outdoor space, you may think gardening and growing your own food is out of reach. But, there are many ways to garden indoors and using an indoor garden kit may be one of the easiest ways to get started. There are a range of kits readily available in stores and we recommend six of the best in this article.

However, if you’re thinking of something more extensive such as an area in your home for a variety of plants, you may like these ideas.

Here is a short video with information on growing a variety of herbs indoors:

About Indoor Garden Kits

Most indoor garden kits are suitable for small greens and herbs, but if you’re planning on growing more than one type, make sure you keep companion planting in mind. You don’t want to put plants together that will be fighting each other for nutrients or that have different light and water needs.

There are several indoor garden kits you can buy online in a variety of sizes and configurations. Some have grow lights for faster growing and all-year-round harvesting and the prices vary accordingly. Just make sure you choose the kit to fit your indoor space and lifestyle.

Here are some differences to keep in mind. Some kits have these features and some do not.

  • have grow lights attached
  • includes a timer to switch the lights on and off
  • do not include seeds
  • require you to buy plant pots
  • are hydroponic, so no soil needed
  • are aquaponic, so you’ll need to buy one or two small fish

1. Minimalist Kitchen Garden

GrowLED Kitchen Garden Kit

The GrowLED Kitchen Garden at 5”x 16” x 11” high is a minimalist design, perfect for a narrow space such as a shelf. Its sleek design with LED lights on a timer has enough space to hold three or four plants. An automatic smart timer makes sure the plants get just enough light with 16 hours on and 8 hours off. This unit is best for shorter herbs, succulents, and veggies, since the height of the lights is not adjustable. You monitor and water the plants yourself with this system. Note: the plant pots are not included and you will need pots that fit in the space. 100% money-back guarantee with Amazon’s Free Returns policy.

2. Hydroponic Herb Garden

Vegebox Hydroponic Herb Garden

No soil needed! The Vegebox Hydroponic Herb Garden Kit with 9 integral plant pods allows you to grow a variety of herbs all at once. The adjustable LED light has 4 in 1 built-in lights: infrared, red, blue and green for 1.5 times faster growth than other systems. The water reservoir holds 1.2 liters of water and just needs to be topped up every week or two. The kit comes with everything you need including the nutrient water, except the seeds.

3. Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Aerogarden Harvest Indoor Garden Kit

The AeroGarden Harvest features a modern, sleek design with LED lights on a timer, and space for up to six small plants which grow in water, not soil. A control panel tells you when to add water and/or plant food and automatically turns lights on and off. Gourmet herb seeds and natural plant nutrients are included in the kit. Your plants will grow rapidly with this system.

4. Aquaponics Water Garden

Back To The Roots Water Garden

If you want a fish tank and to grow a garden at the same time, Back to the Roots Water Garden might be a good choice for you. This indoor garden kit consists of a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic microgreens on top. With this system, called aquaponics, the fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water; it’s a kind of mini home eco-system. Everything is included: organic microgreen seeds, growstones, fish food and a discount coupon to buy your very own pet fish. Minimal maintenance is required for this system. It makes a unique gift. 100% money-back guarantee included.

5. Smart and Easy Garden

Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden Kit

Don’t want to be bothered with planting seeds? Then Click & Grow’s 3 Smart Garden herb system could be just the one for you! The kit comes with 3 basil pods in “smart” soil, which you just drop into the system, add water to the tank and plug in. A grow light works on an automatic timer which can be extended as your plants grow upwards. Once grown in this protected environment, you can transplant to other containers. Then you can buy more pods from Click and Grow’s vast range of herbs and vegetables and start again!

6. Mini Greenhouse

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

The Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, unlike the 5 kits recommended above, is not a growing system, rather it’s a structure to house your plants either indoors or outdoors in an organized, tiered fashion. With dimensions 27” L x 19” W x 63” H and with 4 heavy-duty shelves, it’s strong enough to hold seed trays, pots and quite a few plants. The greenhouse also comes with a clear polythene cover and a roll-up zippered door for easy access and protection from the elements when outdoors. There is no lighting so it would need to be placed near a light source if used indoors. The strong tubular steel frame can be assembled in minutes without any tools. It comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Buying an indoor garden kit can solve many of the problems associated with lack of space, and can help make growing your own food fast, fun and easy. However, if you want to grow more plants than a kit allows, you can simply buy a separate grow light and place it over your plant pots anywhere in your home.

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Indoor Vegetable Garden Kit

Amy Martens

My interest in growing my own food stems from many sources: enjoyment of gardening, concern about chemicals and pesticides, and the desire to eat fresher, healthier fruits and vegetables. I believe the more we do this, the healthier we’ll all be, while helping our planet at the same time.

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