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22 Easy Herb Garden Ideas

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Gardening is one of those pastimes with lots of culinary benefits, especially if you’re growing edible herbs. Even if you don’t have a lot of spare time or if you’re a beginner gardener, you’ll find these herb garden ideas simple to set up. They are budget-friendly and can be completed in less than a day.

But first a tip about choosing which herbs to grow: if you’re planning on planting a variety of herbs, you’ll need to keep companion planting in mind so you choose herbs that help each other thrive rather than competing against each other.

You also need to keep sunlight in mind when choosing your herbs. Some herbs need a lot of sunshine, while others can thrive on less.

Alternatively, when growing your herbs indoors, if there’s not a sunny spot on a windowsill, consider buying a full spectrum LED light bulb to screw into an existing lamp, or even a full spectrum grow light. They are inexpensive to buy and to run. Your herbs will do wonderfully well under LED lights – even in a dark basement.

Now get ready to be inspired by these herb garden ideas and turn your space into something amazing.

1. Turn your kitchen window box into a herb garden. The good thing about this herb garden idea is that you can easily access it from inside or outside your kitchen. Besides, a window box adds beauty to the exterior of your house. So go ahead and add them to as many windows in your home as you can.

2. Fill a basket with a handful of your favorite herbs and make it into a hanging planter. You can place this indoors (in your kitchen) or outdoors (by your window).

3. Do you have an unused wall rack idling away in your store? Simply mount it over a window or space where it would have adequate sunlight, and then hang potted herbs on the hooks.

4. If you are short on indoor space, you can create a customized herb garden. Make some holes in your old shoe organizer and fill the shoe spaces with potting soil. There you have it: an indoor hanging herb garden!

5. Get creative with potted herbs by arranging them in layers up the walls of your house. Think of it as your customized vertical garden! Layered planters are a cool way to build your herb garden if you don’t have a yard.

6. Fill up empty wooden wine crates with fertile soil and plant a variety of your favorite herbs in each crate. Artfully stack up the wine boxes to form a fence around your space. The result? You get privacy plus a garden of your choicest herbs!

7. Do you have an old chair lying around without use? Take out the seat of the chair and replace that with a coir-lined basket that fits perfectly. Go ahead and grow your herbs in the old chair. You can slap on some bright paint for aesthetics.

8. Convert washtubs, buckets, barrels, and other unused containers into a herb garden. Arrange them in a cluster on your veranda or at the back of your house. Remember to add enough holes for drainage.

9. Plant herbs that grow well in small containers inside earth-filled medium plastic pipe elbow joints. First, attach the elbow joints to a wooden fence before planting your herbs in them. Elbow joints form beautiful vertical herb gardens.

10. Stack up raised garden boxes like a pyramid – larger boxes at the bottom and smaller ones at the top. Different herbs can be planted on each tier of this stunning pyramid garden to save space.

11. A full-scale greenhouse might be out of your budget and scope, but a mini greenhouse is easy and fun to build. Grow your herbs all year-round in a mini greenhouse. You can make a mini greenhouse out of a glass cabinet, plastic containers or plastic bottles. A covered greenhouse protects your herbs and seedlings from pests, cold weather and frost.

12. This next herb garden idea is fun and it’s simple to make. Create garden beds for your herbs right inside old or recycled tires! Place a flat piece of timber under a tire or a stack of tires and fill them up with compost soil. You can spray bright colors on the tires and turn your herb garden into a work of art!

13. If you’re a handyperson, a window greenhouse is one project you’ll love to set up that won’t break the bank. All it takes is arranging old windows around your garden bed to make an A-frame.

14. Your old dresser or one bought at the flea market can become your mini herb garden. Simply make some drainage holes in the drawers and add potting soil. Remember to use this customized herb garden for only the herbs that grow well in containers.

15. Instead of throwing away old plastic bottles, turn them into planters. To do this, make a wide square opening in one side of the plastic bottle where you’ll plant your herb, poke a few holes around the rest of the bottle, fill it with soil, and then close the lid tight. Now plant your herbs in the plastic bottle and hang them horizontally on your indoor or outdoor walls.

16. Got empty cans? Mount them on your wall using metal cleats and create a hanging herb garden.

17. Nail some reclaimed wood to your wall. Attach small metal or plastic buckets to the wood and plant your herbs in them.

18. With very little work, you can convert a pallet into a herb garden. Attach the pallet to a wall, or simply lean it against a wall and fill each box with potting soil. Viola! It’s now a herb garden. Use chalk to label each box with the herb it contains.

19. Another easy way to use a pallet is to lean it against a wall or rail, and then mount small planters containing your favorite herbs on it. You don’t need to know anything about woodwork to do this!

20. Here’s another fun herb garden idea. Convert old reusable bags and large hand-made baskets into one-of-a-kind herb planters.

21. If you don’t have ample space for an indoor garden, hang a rail with potted herbs in any unused space inside your kitchen. Just make sure the herbs are hanging where they can get adequate sunlight.

22. Now to the last of our herb garden ideas. Try this colorful one for your windowsill. Collect some tin cans and paint them different colors (if desired). Fill them with potting soil, place them on your windowsill, and plant your favorite herbs inside.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned a few new tricks with these herb garden ideas, take a look around your house or apartment. I’ll bet there’s something you can (re)use to create your very own unique herb garden!

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My interest in growing my own food stems from many sources: enjoyment of gardening, concern about chemicals and pesticides, and the desire to eat fresher, healthier fruits and vegetables. I believe the more we do this, the healthier we’ll all be, while helping our planet at the same time.

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