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Which Is The Best Raised Garden Bed Kit? Here Are 4 We Recommend

Plants In Raised Garden Bed

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If you’re handy and have the time, you can of course construct your own raised bed, but buying a raised garden bed kit might be the perfect solution for most people who want to start growing vegetables.

A raised bed is a good choice for anyone who wants an organized garden or if, for example, you only have a small back yard. Raised beds solve many problems. You can fill them with a soil specific to your crop (acid or alkaline, for example) while keeping them away from weeds and pests. Watering is easier and you’ll have better drainage. You can place them so maintenance is easier on the body, and you can manage your space so it is practical and attractive.

Raised garden bed kits are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are arranged in steps and some are tall for easier access to plants. In this article we’ve selected a few kits that we recommend based on size, quality and ease of assembly.

Things to consider

These are some factors to consider when choosing a raised garden bed kit:


Keep in mind the space available together with the type, number and size of the vegetables or fruits you plan to grow. We suggest beginners start with one small bed which will be easy to manage.


From a practical point of view, most plants will need to be in a location that receives plenty of sunlight. The terrain should be flat with good soil under the bed for plants with long roots. But you’ll also want your raised bed to be in a spot that’s easy to access and adds to the attractiveness of your garden.


Some of the best raised garden beds are made of wood such as fir and cedar. However, they shouldn’t be treated with any chemicals that could contaminate your plants. You could also consider garden beds made of steel or environmentally friendly plastics such as HPDE, as they may withstand the elements better than wood.


Your raised garden bed kit should not require any special maintenance. It should be able to withstand the weather and stand the test of time. All you need to do in maintaining your garden bed is light weeding and watering.


Lifetime: 60069 Raised Garden Bed Kit

This popular kit is a pack of three 4’ x 4’ raised garden beds. Each bed features 9″ high walls which are inter-locking for easy assembly. The set can be assembled in less than an hour without any special tools.

Lifetime 60069 Raised Garden Bed Kit

The beds are constructed of uv-protected high-density polyethyene (HDPE) with a simulated wood design. It is low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and will not rot, crack, or peel. The walls absorb and retain the needed warmth for root development. A nice feature is that two beds can be stacked on top of each other to create 18” high walls to accommodate deep rooted plants.


  • Low-maintenance construction
  • Long-lasting, highly durable
  • Assembly is easy and fast
  • Can be stacked together for higher walls
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • Not suitable if you only want just one raised garden bed
  • More expensive than single kits

Best Choice Products: Raised Garden Bed Elevated Wood Planter Box Stand

This raised garden bed kit is elevated on legs and is 48” x 24” x 9”, giving your vegetables and plants plenty of space to grow and thrive (it is 30” high with the legs).

Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed Kit

Made of cedarwood, the bed should withstand all outdoor conditions. It comes with a liner that the soil sits on to protect the wood and keep weeds and pests out. There are drainage holes which to allow excess water to drain out and keep the soil from getting too wet.

You can place it in your garden, greenhouse, and on your patio, balcony or deck. Assembly is fairly easy and requires no special tools.


  • Made with cedar
  • Built to last
  • No kneeling, easier on the body
  • Excess water can drain out
  • It can be painted to add color to your garden


  • No guarantee information available

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Raised Garden Bed

Greenes Fence: Raised Garden Kit

This raised garden bed kit is made from naturally rot- and insect-resistant cedar which is also chemical-free. At 2’ x 8’ x 10.5” it’s easy to assemble: the dovetail corner joints allow you to simply slide the boards into the joints to form a secure frame. No special tools required.

Greenes Fence Raised Garden Bed Kit

The modular design allows two beds to be stacked on top of each other to form a 21” tall bed (requires two kits). The corner joints allow additional beds to be attached alongside to form a larger raised garden layout.


  • Natural wood, resistant to insects
  • Easy to assemble
  • Instruction videos on website
  • Modular design makes it easy to stack and expand with additional kits
  • Highly durable


  • No guarantee information available

Yaheetech: 3 Tier Wooden Raised Garden Elevated Bed

This raised garden bed with three tiers allows you to cultivate different varieties of plants or to use different planting methods in each tier. The top tier is deep enough to hold some small trees such as dwarf fruit trees.

Yaheetech 3 Tier Raised Garden Bed Kit

With a base 4’ x 4’, the raised bed is made of natural, chemical-free fir, known for its strength and dimensional stability as well as its natural resistance to rot and pests.

This raised garden bed can accommodate vegetables, herbs, flowers, and tomatoes on your patio or garden. The design is simple and easy to assemble.


  • Long-lasting without much maintenance
  • Three growing areas for different plants
  • Includes dividers to separate the tiers
  • Natural wood, resistant to rot and pests
  • Assembly is easy


  • No guarantee information available

Final Thoughts

If you don’t already have a defined growing area in your garden, a raised garden bed is a practical way to establish your vegetable growing area while keeping the garden looking neat and tidy. You choose the location and you choose the soil to fit the plants. This is also an excellent solution for beginner gardeners, so they’re not overwhelmed by too many gardening tasks.

Amy Martens

My interest in growing my own food stems from many sources: enjoyment of gardening, concern about chemicals and pesticides, and the desire to eat fresher, healthier fruits and vegetables. I believe the more we do this, the healthier we’ll all be, while helping our planet at the same time.

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